Juneteenth - Breaking Chains

Juneteenth - Breaking Chains

Juneteenth - Breaking Chains

For years and years black people have blindly celebrated July 4th as if it were our independence day. But unfortunately we didn’t all become kinda free until 1865.

It wasn’t until June 19th 1865, when federal troops went to Galveston, TX to ensure that all of those enslaved be made free. That meant freedom for 250,000 slaves. Of course, the former slaves celebrated, which gave birth to what we now call Juneteenth.

Today 47 states recognize Juneteenth as a state holiday.

As we continue to break chains and fight for our freedom and equality and right to breathe, we take this day to celebrate not just our freedom, but those who came before us as well as those who are on the front lines now.

Although we are still breaking chains, Black people across the nation now PROUDLY celebrate Juneteenth.

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