Custom BaDST Pyramid

Custom BaDST Pyramid

Custom BaDST Pyramid

This black sleeve hooded t-shirt is a striking and personalized garment that beautifully combines style with a sense of sorority pride. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the front of the shirt features a metallic red vinyl display of the Delta pyramid, a symbol synonymous with strength, unity, and sisterhood. At the center of the pyramid, a bold and regal elephant proudly showcases the founding year of the sorority, 1913, paying homage to the rich history and enduring legacy of your sisterhood.

The back of the hooded t-shirt makes a bold statement with the acronym "The BaDST" spelled out in metallic red vinyl across the back.

Adding a personal touch to this custom tee, your chapter and the significant time of crossing are elegantly displayed on the left sleeve, closest to your heart. Whether you crossed in the spring of '99 or the fall of '08, this detail serves as a meaningful reminder of your journey into sisterhood.

Overall, this hooded t-shirt is more than just apparel; it's a symbol of sisterhood, history, and personal milestones, making it a cherished piece for members of your sorority.

** Please send message or place comment with the time of your crossing (i.e. SPR. '99) for garment personalization**

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